You tube – I Return To You




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It has been a long time since I have done a you tube video and then as I posted last Tuesday, I did a book trailer.  I wasn’t expecting any views other than my own  until the Enchanted Book Promotion book tour starts in June.  Then on Saturday, May 23rd there were four pluses for the book trailer and one of the people who did wrote a comment stating she loved it. She later subscribed to my you tube channel.

I assumed I would not add more videos to the three that are on there now as I was planning to let it remain dormant. But then as the morning wore on and then the afternoon I got to thinking maybe I should change my tune about you tube and go ahead and do more videos.  Who would it hurt?

Of course I have no idea if the channel would even grow to more than me and one other person.  I guess the only way to find out is to go ahead and do them.   I did create three more trailers I plan to use to promote Between Two Worlds – maybe that is a strong hint since I did those to go ahead with this?   And I must admit when the e-book giveaway starts next month I think it would be neat to do a promotional video for it.

So I guess I will put some effort in yes real effort into you tube videos.   I hereby type that I will post videos until the end of the year on you tube.  One or two new ones a week then by December re-evaluate things and determine if I continue or stop.   I hope dear readers you will let me know if my efforts are good, in between, or bad because I sure can’t decide this on my own.