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Two weeks ago I was asked by author Simon Canton to be part of A Writing Blog Tour. It has taken place for quite some time and many people have picked up and passed the baton. They include, to name a few, Antonia Lindsay: http://antonia-lindsay.blogspot.co.uk and Anthony Burt: http://anthonyburt.com/2014/03/31/trigger-treat-your-way-to-the-creative-zone-the-writing-process-blog-tour, and: Dave Higgins http://davidjhiggins.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/writing-process-blog-tour/. I felt honored when Simon asked me to write my own post for the Writing Blog Tour.

What am I working on now? During the day I work as co-business owner of an Internet retail business. Part of the work I do is write blog posts to build audiences on Google Plus, Tumblr, and the Blog Spot website. After work I am typing away at my second vampire manuscript, or I am working on free online photos and childhood photos for a book I am giving my niece for her third birthday in August. It is called “Stuffed Animals Have Super Powers.”

How does my work differ from others in its genre? I am the “blender type” of writer. I take an idea from what I watch on TV, a movie, or my favorite: reading books and let them percolate in my head and brew till my muse is at me relentlessly, talking a mile a minute, to get an idea down on paper. I also lean toward writing about realistic things with a fantasy twist and often it is very dark in tone with none of the light banter or laughs that authors like Jim Butcher or Terry Pratchett weave into their books.

Why do I write what I do? I got the writing bug very early in life and it came in handy when I couldn’t sleep at night which was often. I’d write stories in my head usually based on something I watched on TV like GI Joe cartoons, the Incredible Hulk that starred Bill Bixby Thunder Cats, and Forever Knight, and a campy TV version of an American Werewolf in London and on and on. I thought one day I will be part of a TV or movie studio writing team when I become an adult and the best practice was what I was doing. Of course I learned otherwise: a writer needs original material over copying others. My first book Switching Stations,Switching Stories was the result of seeing the Twilight Trailers on TV and not being able to get the idea of writing my own take on vampires out of my head. I had to get it out and I did.

How does my writing process work? See the second question. I also still write in my head but I have also gotten into the habit of having paper and pen nearby to jot down an idea that pops into my head. Or I just wait for my muse to be a pest. 🙂



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K.E. Nowinsky was born and raised in Maryland. She has grown-up a fan of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mythology, and Romance. Following a dream she started to compose a rough draft of “Going off Dreams”. The story developed the further ,she researched characters and published “Going off Dreams”, available on Amazon.com. Kristy has continued to write and anticipates the next installment of her series “Going off Dreams” to be released soon.

Visit the official Going off Dreams website at http://www.goingoffdreams.com
K.E.Nowinsky’s blog http://www.goingoffdreams.blogspot.com




My name is Tony Yang, but I go by Paradise’s Poet. The name Paradise’s Poet came about when I was given, by a friend, John Melton’s book Paradise Lost. I have always written poetry for as long as I can remember, yet I never went public until now. The reason I choose Paradise’s Poet as an alias was to show people with my words that paradise was not lost. Thus my blog Project Paradise began.


The url for Tony’s blog is http://rarityofparadise.blogspot.com and he has a you tube channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTYzhkLB-WqxM8CaFPwjCvQhttp://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTYzhkLB-WqxM8CaFPwjCvQ