What is a Bib Style Necklace and is My Necklace One?

Image from Etsy and Courtesy of lalaVintage Jewelry

In the mid 2000s my late maternal grandfather gave me a necklace full of style. It has a Sterling silver chain necklace with large faceted rock crystals.

At the time I did research online and found out the style or type of necklace it is but the answer did not stay with me. A couple weeks ago my Dad brought up another necklace my maternal grandmother owned and he said I should write down the history of it. I did and this made me wonder again about the necklace I have.

I took it to two jewelers and to an antique mall. The first jewelers did not know the exact style, but they did confirm the chain is Sterling Silver. As to the rock crystals, they thought they are really glass beads. The second jewelers and a jewelry expert at an antique mall agree with my late grandfather, they are crystals.

I went home and chose to see if Google could tell me and sure enough after two tries I got the answer – bib necklace.

It has a likeness to a choker except bibs can be circular or triangular whereas the choker is always circular. They can consist of over-sized stones, enamel, pearls, or beads in a cascading style. (referencing this article click here.)

The actual necklace
I am sorry about the crooked smile. that was not intentional.

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