Rig 45 – A Six Episode Series on Starz

Viaplay Original Series
Rig 45
Airing on Starz
Image Courtesy of imdb.com
Viaplay Original Series
Rig 45
Airing on Starz
Image courtesy of imdb.com

Viaplay Original series Rig 45 is a Danish/English language series that airs on Starz. It opens with a two person crew making repairs to an oil rig.

One, a man is on the ground holding a rope for his female partner who is high up in the air.

She experiences dry mouth and becomes ill then out of the blue she falls to her death.

Andrea, an investigator for the oil company, has her upcoming Christmas holiday with her family interrupted.

She wants to stay home but the promise of position on land makes her decide to go.

Once aboard the rig Andrea tries to wrap of the investigation quickly. She accepts the head of the rig’s idea that the dead woman fell out of sobriety all too easily.

When another crew member falls into a coma, Andrea digs in to find the truth.

The show starts well then falters after Andrea’s death. After that what could go wrong on the rig does.

The rig loses the ability to communicate with the outside world by phone and radio. Also, crime scene evidence is stolen or destroyed by fire and the crew itself loses patience with each other easily.

Since I am four episodes in I have chosen to see how the series concludes and who the culprit is.

I enjoy Danish and UK crime and drama series and Rig 45 has a solid start too bad the rest of it could not hold up.

Viaplay Original Series Rig 45 airing on Starz
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