Very Busy Woman

"Very Busy Business Woman" Image courtesy of jesadaphorn at

“Very Busy Business Woman”
Image courtesy of jesadaphorn at


Good news! I found a new home and plan to move in on November 7th.The home is close to every place I frequent and most importantly it is close to work and family. Until my move happens I am keeping busy. One of the things I am doing is helping my Mom get back and forth to different places since she has stopped driving. I am willing to do this because I will be residing close by and I am borrowing her car for a while instead of buying my own.

Between work and helping my Mom I have tried to squeeze in time to make sure I get the proper utilities set up and making sure the work I need done on the house is arranged and completed. And this doesn’t include weekly writing and book promotion. Notice I wrote weekly writing. I have had to take a break from daily writing and working on The Keeper manuscript. (It will be short-term.)

If all this hasn’t kept me on my toes there is more I am adding to my plate! My jewelry business is really being squeezed during this season and because of that I have decided not to be paid through my business. Instead I am working with my father as his assistant in his insurance business.

I really enjoy selling jewelry and I want to make sure I get to continue my two loves, selling jewelry and being a writer. So I have chosen to earn my income with my father for the next year while my business recovers. I will eventually move on from assistant to selling insurance. I will also be studying to get my license by the end of December. It is a secondary career that I hope to do reasonably well in.

Now as to my sanity in these hectic times, I promise if my sanity starts to waver I will lose myself in a good book to gain it back. There is no better medicine than that except for my family and my cat, Celia.