Venom (2018) Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller Movie

Venom - 2018 Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller Movie
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Venom – (2018)
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The film Venom is familiar to me from the 2018 trailers and from YouTube videos.

Warning after this I will be spoiling the film in this review.

Immediately Eddie Brock is seen as a successful vlog reporter through clips of stories he does across the globe.

Then the film shifts to a crew of astronauts, Dr. Carlton Drake, of the Life Foundation, has tasked with brining back symbiots. Rather than a safe return the space craft catches fire and crashes somewhere in Asia.

Only one astronaut Jj Abramson III survives thanks to Riot who enters his body. A few minutes later Riot switches to a female EMT and other hosts to slowly makes his way to San Francisco.

Soon after Eddie falls from grace when he uses material sent to his lawyer and girl friend Anne Weying to expose Dr. Carlton Drake as a deadly man.

Meantime Dr. Drake orders his team of scientists to assimilate the symbiotes with different animals. When there is success with a rabbit he orders human testing.

One of the scientists Dr. Dora Skirth is not comfortable with this because each homeless test subject dies.

She reaches out to Eddie who does not want to help her then later changes his mind. Skirth sneaks Eddie into the Life Foundation & into the lab but then has to stay outside distract a guard.

Back in the lab Eddie finds a homeless friend and it is through her that Riot enters Eddie’s body.

I feel the relationship between Eddie and Anne lacks in development. Not even the scene where Riot inhabits Anne to rescue Eddie made me feel a twinge for them.

Then there is a scene where Venom slices open a rocket carrying Riot/Dr. Drake to kill them and himself.

Next Eddie and Anne sit outside her home. As they talk we learn Venom is still alive. I wish there was an explanation for his survival.

Other than these parts of the film, I thought Venom is super fun and did not deserve the bad rating it got on Rotten Tomatoes.

Venom – 2018 Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller Movie
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