The Unforeseen in Publishing & Book Promotion: Learning Experiences



I have shared important learning experiences in three prior blog posts titled “The Unforeseen in Publishing and Book Promotion.” I am pleased to report StoryCartel got in touch on April 9th and approved the Mobi file. I then had to sign into my StoryCartel account and clicked launch. Later on the same day, on Twitter, I saw two sites, one called and the other Booklikes. I checked out them both the same day and decided to bookmark the second one and come back to it later. For now StoryCartel is the means thru which I want to give away my book for free. After the remaining days to download and review the book are over, I will consider how it all went and what I may do next.

When I signed up for Kindle Digital Publications I did not choose to do Kindle Digital Select because I wanted to keep open the possibility of being able to offer Switching Stations, Switching Stories elsewhere. As it turned out I did publish my book on two other websites – and On, Switching Stations, Switching Stories, can be read online for free or a user can buy the book for a small fee. a crowd funding site lets a reader choose to read the book for free or choose a listed price in various increments from $0.29 to $9.99 based on download popularity on the website. I am leaving the door open to publish elsewhere because one just never knows for sure where a reader goes to find THE BOOK. This is why authors publish on as many book retailer sites as he or she feels comfortable with. I do not know what my number is but I have come realize I’m not done yet.

While I have chosen these three sites to offer my book for free to gain reviews, I am also working toward earning money on my book. I started with a website that helps authors promote their books. The promotion I chose to go with them was $99 and change. posted my book and information on their website. They also did a press release to go to fifty book reviewers, search engine registration of my blog; another press release went to one hundred book stores; and a link was placed on 5 bookmarking sites; and finally a posting of my book to several lists and groups was done for reviews.

I knew when I clicked a button to get Switching Stations, Switching Stories out of proof in Create Space and on the other sites I have written about, making my book live for purchase, I was entering new territory. There is an imaginary box in my head with a giant bow and beautiful red paper and a pink ribbon and bow on it. It holds something wonderful that I won’t open till I know it is the right time. I do not know when that will be and I am in no hurry to spoil the surprise. It is worth the wait and in the meantime there is more writing to do as I am typing a new vampire manuscript on my computer. I shared a bit about it in a blog post on research. I must write that was fun! I have learned a few more things since that I have put into the manuscript. I also have other important things to do and this has been a top priority: reading, reading and reading more books to escape into and fill my imagination. A writer needs inspiration and books are a big part of mine.