Ugly Delicious: A Cooking/History/Travel Show

Ugly Delicious
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As a kid I could not get enough of cooking shows. I would try to make the delicious food like the Frugal Gourmet (Jeff Smith) would make and I only could do one recipe out of probably hundreds.   The rest of them I would fail at. Still I would keep trying but out of all the shows I would watch I do not recall any of them going the Ugly Delicious route.

Yes, they did bring up the history of the food and a little on culture but when it comes to using food to open a dialog it simply did not get mentioned.

James Bead award-winning Chef David Chang follows suit to other cooking shows but he adds a dialog on culture and race. He does this by speaking with and relating to other restaurant owners, chefs, food writers and more who sit down to eat and talk during a meal.

He strives to work out if society could just accept other cultures food than perhaps the people have acceptance too. But then Chang acknowledges that even if this happens through food; the food itself that we eat changes.

Through out history and even now chefs like himself take elements from their own cultures food master it and to take it to another level adding elements of various other cultures. And in other cases cultures adapt their food to gain acceptance in another country.

I think Chang’s overall message in the first two seasons comes to this: He hopes like acceptance of different cultures food; it will spread to people too. So as food cuisine evolves its natural and not something anyone has to fight for acceptance.

Ugly Delicious: A Cooking/History/Travel Show
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