2 New Manuscripts & Books: Coming Soon (Revised)

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Inspiration swoops in sometimes in the most unexpected of moments.  Such a moment took place a little over two months ago.  I was scanning printed stories I have kept since middle and high school to my current computer.  I have the discs I saved them on unfortunately I do not have the older software to open them.

One of the stories is a script.   It’s a western/adventure story loosely based on a light & fun 1990s Zorro program I watched on TV.  And when I was in middle school, I chose it for the basis of the script so I could earn a drama/writing theme Girl Scout Badge. 

Until that day three or four months ago I had not read it through since I graduated high school. When I did inspiration hit.  An updated outline got written and then the first manuscript came together quickly.

I completed several drafts; editing and doing rewrites before giving it to my proof reader/editor. And in addition, I came up with a second manuscript outline and wrote it before I left for West Palm Beach, Florida weeks later. 

Fast forward  bit and I did publish Victoria and Diego but after some initial responses and feedback to it from reviewers I decided to un-publish it for the foreseeable future.  I adore the story too much to keep it published based on what I read.  

For now I am moving on to learning a lot about Spain.  My next writing projects shall focus on this country from its Civil War in the 1930 all the way until it became a democracy starting in 1975.   So you can expect a three or four book historical fiction series to take up the next several years.

 2 New Manuscripts & Books
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