Twenty-One Days: A Daniel Pitt Novel by Anne Perry

Twenty-One Days is the beginning of a new series that Anne Perry published earlier this year.   It features Daniel Pitt, son of Charlotte and Thomas Pitt, who is now in his twenties and a beginning lawyer.  

Now having read Twenty-One Days there are many similarities to the series with his parents.   Like them Daniel thinks deeply about problems from every angle and carries the burden of solving them.  And like them although he carries this burden, his drive to get to the bottom of a case, in this instance to stop, an execution, never ceases.

Sometimes when Anne Perry writes a new book in the original Pitt series, this aspect of her novels drags out the story and in this new series, this is no different.  However, just when you think Perry is taking it too far, the story suddenly speeds up, and it reaches a very satisfying conclusion. And it is this along with my connection to her characters that keeps me coming back.

And speaking of Daniel’s  parents, they do pop up in this new series, and they help mostly by being supportive not solving the case for their son themselves. 

 I do hope that Perry not only continues Daniel’s story but I also wish she goes back to his parents’ too.  There is so much I’d like answers too and I think it would be better that the original series fill it in than the new one. Time will tell if Perry fulfills this reader’s wish.


Twenty-One Days: A Daniel Pitt Novel by Anne Perry
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