Tu hijo (Your Son) 2018 on Netflix

Tu Hijo (Your Son)
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Your son begins with a surgeon Jaime Jiménez calming nervous and upset parents before heading into an operating room to operate on their son.

A few days later the boy suddenly has a seizure and his parents turn on the surgeon in an instant.

This hints at what is coming for the rest of the film. Jiménez ‘s son Marco goes to a club with a friend. And later in the evening they separate when Marco decides to speak to his ex girl friend.

Back at the hospital, Jiménez argues with a fellow doctor about calling in the hospital physiologist. He believes the father of the boy beats him and his mother. The argument gets worse and then a female nurse interrupts,
Jiménez snaps at her and in the next frame the viewer sees his world begin to crumble.

The film follows Jiménez slowly unraveling as he tries to figure out why of the crime and the reasons behind Marco’s friends refusing to share things about that night with him.

Marco’s beating changes his father’s personality and the lengths he does to causes Jiménez to focus on one thing only – revenge.

All of this happens slowly and the tension builds as the viewer sees the surgeon take actions he normally would not.

Your son, is a slow burn, intense, and dramatic film and not the usual revenge film. It is about a father who at all costs must know the truth but it comes at a high price: who he is.

Tu hijo (Your Son) 2018 on Netflix
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