TNT’s The Librarians

TNT Librarians

TNT Librarians


Over the years, I have watched a show on TNT and fallen for it only to have it cut short by cancellation. There was Witchblade. Then Southland, Monday Mornings and I could go on and on. I just kept picking shows that were too low rated to keep going. Or there was a controversy and boom TNT would pull the plug. Over the years, I hardly watched TNT afraid if I liked a program TNT would decide the original program wasn’t worth keeping, and it would be gone.

This year I came upon The Librarians based on a series of films with Noah Wyle, Bob Newhart, and Jane Curtain. Last year was its first season as a series, and I fell head over heels for it.  I had seen all three actors before on other shows in the past or more recently.

I watched the first show ten weeks ago and became hooked. I made sure to tune in each Sunday at 8pm Eastern or to watch on Xfinity on Demand. I like the upbeat feel mixed with Indiana Jones movie like action. I always became impatient for the commercials to end and get back to the show. I didn’t care that it had a sense of camp to it there was much more to like! The show does not take itself entirely seriously which reminds me of Leverage, another program I watched on TNT. I also like the lore, mythology, the interaction of the actors, the magic, the smarts of the characters and much more.

I am glad TNT renewed the series I definitely want more of the Librarians. I just hope it goes as long as the films and Wylie’s Fallen Skies did. I do not like the new show cancellation blues.