Time of Death & BBC Crime Series In the Dark

Time of Death, a DI Tom Thorne novel by Mark Billingham


Time of Death, a DI Tom Thorne novel, is one of two books, by Mark Billingham, adapted for the BBC crime series In the Dark which uses the same name as the second source book.  When I first heard about In the Dark it was through an e-mail from Britbox, a streaming service I use on my Roku TV.

Of the series I have seen so far, many details and plot from Time of Death I recognize in the series. There are a few changes for instance unlike the book Alfie, Helen’s son has not been born yet, and Helen returns to her hometown with her partner DI Paul Hopwood. They stay with her father and his partner’s house where in the book Helen stays with Linda and her two kids.

Other than this and a few other minor changes, I would say the series is a faithful adaptation of at least this book.  I have not read In the Dark but I have read references to that book and its events in other DI Tom Thorne novels.    I won’t give anything else away but I will say if the rest of the episodes in this series continues to stays true Time of Death than like the book this could be just as thrilling and suspenseful.


Time of Death & BBC Crimes Series In The Dark