Tile: Bluetooth Tracker

 The above video, is from TheTileApp on YouTube.


My parents bought a new app/tablet device, known as The Tile.  They got it to help them keep track of their, keys, purses, wallets, and anything else of importance.

I went On-line to  learn all about this new device and how the it works.  The Tile, specifically, electronic tags  attach by sticker or slide into an item of choice.  The  software works on a Smart phone or blue tooth watch, it just needs downloading and activating to work.   Plus of course the software will need programming.

If an item is not where you think it is, just  press the button on the main Tile and a loud melody plays. Repeat the process until you find what you are looking for.  It works much the same way with a Smart phone or watch as long as it is on. And it doesn’t matter if either device is on silent mode, they will still make a sound to help locate them.

Or if an item becomes lost outside the home then just call up The Tile app on your Smart phone or watch and it will locate what you are looking for.  And if it happens to be your car, it  will help you find it through GPS location.

I think this device is a great idea for my parents to have. I hope  it works as good as it appears in advertisements and any misplaced items are found quickly.    Another good thing about The Tile the batteries last a year and the whole device is water resistant.

The only downside that I can see as of now, is that The Tile does not come in a super tiny micro chip size. If it did I would definitely encourage my Mom to place a Tile on the ear piece of her glasses, my Dad as well, his reading and seeing glasses.


The Tile: Bluetooth Tracker