The Umbrella Academy – A New Netflix Series

The Umbrella Academy
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The Umbrella Academy is a ten episode series that has begun to air on Netflix. The concept for the show comes from a Dark Horse Comic series created & written by Gerald Way and illustrated Gabriel Ba.

It centers on children all born on the same day on October 1989 when forty three women suddenly gave birth all of whom were not pregnant earlier in the day.

Seven of the forty three children born are adopted by an eccentric billionaire industrialist, Sir Regional Hargreeves . He molds six of his seven children who have super powers into heroes he wishes to save the world.

However, things do not go according to plan. The family fractures split apart not to come back together again until Hargreeves dies. The viewer then meets Vanya ,the normal one; Luther who has unbelievably massive muscles; Diego has significant knife throwing skills; and Allison who with a simple suggestion makes people do things against their will; and Klaus who communicates with the dead.

These five are the only living siblings left. The two others Ben who could conquer monsters died and Number Five vanished without a trace.

I saw the first two episodes and in them Luther tries to bring his living siblings back together and patch things up until that is Number Five comes through a portable while they are having a memorial service for their father. And with his arrival comes a dire warning in a little over a week the world will suffer a global apocalypse.

I did enjoy most of what I saw in the first two episodes. However it is a bit tough to buy Luther having such massive muscles when his head neck, legs and feet are normal. I know what the aim is of having the character look like this, think gorilla, but it still feels off. So too the cliché relationship between Diego and Detective Patch otherwise I like what I saw, its entertaining.

The Umbrella Academy: A New Netflix Series
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