The Letter for the King: A Netflix Series

The Letter for the King
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Tiuri (Amir Wilson), step son of Sir Tiuri the Valiant and son to Darya, reluctantly takes part in kingdom trials to have the honor to train as novice knight. He does not want to but when he wins one battle and his opponent tells him he got paid to lose, Tuiri gets very upset and confronts his step father who tells him he did this to save the family honor and Tuiri has no choice except to grin and bear it.

He does so until he and the other children (Arman, Jussipo, Foldo, Piak, and Iona) in a sanctuary, their last trial. They have to stay on their knees, not talk, get up and search the sanctuary or else the children will fail the test and lose their chances to train as novice knights.

Just as things in the sanctuary get very creepy, the Black Knight’s man bangs on the door begging for help. The other children try to talk Tuiri out of opening the door but he refuses. Soon he meets the Black Knight himself who begs the boy to take a cylinder with a letter inside to King Favian

Once the boy accepts he becomes hunted in a near nonstop chase to get away from Prince Viridian’s deadly Red Riders. As he races on the Black Knight’s horse to keep from getting caught he meets Lavinia, a trickster, who yearns to go on a quest to find her mother who left her and her father long ago. However, when she changes her mind and chooses to help Tuiri in the hopes for a big monetary reward.

Also the show implies Tuiri magical powers and he is the son of a shaman. He just has to wake the magic within and harness it so he can fulfill a prophecy that saves everyone in the kingdom. Tuiri tries to unlock them with no luck the two times they do occur it seems like happenstance. And when the truth of who really has the powers Lavinia comes out, instead of being high in the series, it sadly falls flat.

All the intensity and the seriousness of the threat from Prince Viridian and his Red Riders begins to deflate in the last two episodes. The viciousness of the Red Riders changes once they have Arman, Jussipo, Foldo, Piak, and Iona as captives and reach the snow filled mountains. The Red Riders have them test the ice road ahead to see if it is safe. It cracks and cracks until an avalanche occurs. One would think the children would have died but none of them did.

And the leader of the Red Riders takes a shining to Iona and his tough guy exterior shifts and he takes a liking to her. Then there is the reveal the magical one is not Tiuri but Lavinia which instead of being a wow moment falls flat because those who pose great danger have lost their menace.

I think this occurred because the series began in one tone very serious and adult themes then shifted to PG 13 taking away the things that got me hooked on this series to begin with.

The Letter to the King: A Netflix Original Series
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