Text Messaging – A New Frontier

Image courtesy of adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Until recently I never thought about learning to text on my cell phone. I see my friends and family often enough I can just tell them what I want in person. Then last week my parents went on vacation to South America.

They will be visiting several countries including Brazil, Argentina and Chile. My Dad asked that my brother and I leave our cell phones on during their two and a half week trip to receive text messages. For the first two days they were traveling to their first destination – a Peruvian hotel on the other side of the Amazon River. My messages in reply to each text were brief because at the time I didn’t know there was a back button to delete wrong letters. I’d delete a message I was typing and start again until it came out correctly, so you can see why I was not keen on text messages.

Then Mother’s Day rolled around. My family celebrated early because of my parents’ trip but on the day itself I felt like doing something for Mom. Sure I gave her an orchid she loves but this was actually Mother’s day! So I went over to my parents’ house and straightened out some pictures that had belonged to my maternal grandmother. My Mom had hung them at different heights and then decided she wanted them at the same height but she didn’t get to it before her trip. I decided to fix them and thought this would be a great thing for her to see when she comes back. Seconds later I thought I should text her so I did. By this time I figured out there is a delete button and my message, no abbreviations, was typed out a bit faster than my first efforts.

I must admit I am beginning to like this text ability but I won’t overdo. Of course there are exceptions like last Tuesday I didn’t feel like making a quick call to my sister-in-law. I was at the pharmacy waiting in line, so it wasn’t like I could go to my desk top and send her an e-mail. I flipped open my cell phone, typed out a text, and sent it to her within a minute then got a reply back. Nice and swift.

And of course sending a text is cheaper than a phone call when one is on vacation especially in another country. So when my parents go away again outside of the United States, I will urge text messaging and if I ever go out of the country again myself I will text message. But until that time I will stick to the “old fashioned” ways of communication.