Technology: Disney Gallery Mandalorian Doc Ep 4

Technology: Disney Gallery
Mandalorian Doc Ep 4
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Technology from the making of the Jungle Book and the Lion King (animation, virtual reality, animation, and set pieces) came together to create the world of the Mandalorian. Not in the same way but it does build on the world George Lucas made when he did the original Star Wars films.

On the Mandalorian a rotating and circular set got built where the set is surrounded by video except on the floor. The circular set projects the real world site an episode calls for or a made up one like the tunnel and the boat going through the lava.

The actors got to react to the images while on set and react in character not imaging and guessing the final look of it.

I like the episode and how over so many decades movie technology has come so far and allowed sets like those of the Mandalorian to occur without having to go to the actual location.

George Lucas and ILM found ways to push current technology. He and his people also developed new technology that has taken things further.

The tech in Mandalorian exists and it is widely in use in Hollywood. It is the combination of them that is new and took things to a new level.

The insight into this tech is interesting and I like having a peak into it.

Technology : Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Doc Ep 4
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