Swamp Thing: Pilot Episode on DC Universe

Swamp Thing:Pilot Episode on DC Universe
Swamp Thing:Pilot Episode on DC Universe
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Swamp Thing’s pilot begins with a boat crew about to put mysterious devices into the murky waters outside of Marais, Louisiana but the vegetation has other plans. It rapidly grows and murders the crew one by one.

Then it cuts to Africa and two CDC doctors/investigators in full hazmat suits in Africa failing to get a boy to let them help his sick sister.

Only when one of them, Abby Arcane, takes her helmet off and speaks to the boy in his language, does he give his consent.

Soon after Abby’s partner reveals to her a new case and she is very unhappy when she reads it’s her home town – Marais.

The little I remember of Wes Craven’s film, I found it both frightening and intriguing at the same time. I could not get enough of it and I would watch segments over and over.

All these years later watching a new incarnation of it, I find it just as intriguing and the scares not heavy but just right.

I found the interactions between Crystal Reed’s Abby Arcane and Andy Bean’s Alec Holland just right.

Also, I really like Will Patton in the role of Avery Sutherland. And I want to see more of Virginia Madsen as his wife Maria.

There are a few things in the episode I hope get answered.

What connection if any does Susie Coyle have to the swamp? How did she know she must find him and where in the hospital?

Although Sutherland hired Alec to research the sickness; could he be covering his part in making the town sick or is he really trying to help?

Further, does Maria’s anger toward Abby come from her failing to stop her daughter from committing suicide?

Or does it mask her own guilt from not seeing the signs her daughter was in trouble? Does Avery feel the same hate as his wife toward Abby?

The show is off to a really good start and may it keep rolling this way.

Swamp Thing:Pilot Episode on DC Universe
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