Strange Fascination: An Essex Witch Mystery

Strange Fascination: An Essex Witch Museum Mystery by Syd Moore
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Strange Fascination: An Essex Witch Museum Mystery by Syd Moore
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Strange Fascination, the third book, in the Essex Witch Museum Mystery series,opens with a relaunch party. The museum has added an Ursula Cadence wing and a picnic playground.

These additions, Rosie and Sam hopes will lead to better things for the museum. Then word reaches them road developers will be moving the Blacky Be Boulder.

The people of Adders Fork do not want this to happen. The boulder marks the site of a notorious witch’s grave. And decades ago when the the boulder was first moved, birds fell from the sky and other strange things happened.

Unfortunately Rosie and Sam’s hands are tied and the boulder is moved. Sure enough the fears of the residents comes to pass. Birds fall from the sky and worse a severed head is found on the Blacky Be. This raises the anger of the residents of Adders Fork even more and they demand Rosie and Sam restore order.

In the first book, Strange Magic, I got to know this benefits fraud agent Rosie and the hunky museum curator Sam pretty well. However, it was not the same for the culprits nor their motives for doing what they did.

This time in Strange Fascination, I got to know many people of Adders Fork including the culprits before their reveal. In fact one of them sheds light on Rosie’s missing grandmother and other members of her family.

All this together made Adders Fork real and endearing. Also I got more absorbed into the story and cared a lot more about it too. A definite improvement.

Strange Fascination – An Essex Witch Museum Mystery by Syd Moore
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