The Steel Kiss – a Lincoln Rhyme Novel

The Steel Kiss, a Lincoln Rhyme Series Book

The Steel Kiss, a Lincoln Rhyme series Book


The Steel Kiss opens with Amelia Sachs making her way through a mall hoping to capture Unsub 40. He is a gangly man who kills with a ball peen hammer.   However, just as she and other police officers are about to close in horrid screams fill the air.  A man has fallen between escalator stairs into the heart of the machine.   Sachs makes her way down to the man leaving the other officers to make chase for Unsub 40. They are unsuccessful and the suspect gets away.

I have read most of author Jeffrey Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme books over the years but had stopped until this book.  The Steel Kiss has an intriguing mystery to unfold but Deaver also tells a secondary story that could have easily been told in another book.  A former police detective Nick Carelli has been released from prison after serving time for hijacking a truck and beating a man.

He turns to Amelia, his former love, to help him out by giving him files on his case so he can clear his name.   Deaver goes back and forth between Nick’s story and the hunt for Unsub 40.  As I wrote before he could have easily made these two separate books.   I got pulled into both stories and never felt like he was giving more to one than the other.

I left the series for a time because I felt Deaver was stretching the credibility of his plots.  The Steel Kiss brings it back and I hope the book after this keeps it and me with this series.


The Steel Kiss – a Lincoln Rhyme Novel
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