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ID-10023038 White Door by nattavut’s menu has changed thanks to who fixed my menu mistakes after I failed to do this myself.   Alongside Ruminations, I now have Christy’s Reviews and Christy’s Short Stories.   I have moved the affected posts over to the proper new section.

In the process of moving  these posts to their new home, I found that the SEO and readability scores have changed because of Word Press updates. I have revised the worst of the posts and brought  their scores back up.

On another note I have had a blast writing my first historical fiction story Space Goal Impossible for  It is about the Space Exploratory Agency who turned away from exploration and learning to space tourism and commercial entertainment.

A secret agency within the Space Exploratory Agency wants to the world community to return space to its roots by bringing Jupiter’s moon Europa to life just like Earth is.  I started posting back in October of 2016 and I have added another part of the story every two weeks.   I hope you will check it out and start to read it for yourselves, if you are not already. – New Menu