Starting Fresh: Rewrites & Editing My Story

I am very pleased with all the work myself, and another person did to hone my time travel story so it would be ready to post on my blog. However, just because it was good enough for the blog does not mean this story is ready to publish. No way! How do I know? As I wrote the last half of my story, I decided to change a few things in the beginning, and I wanted to expand the final act of my story. Further, I knew just because I edited the entire story and another person did, does not mean we caught all the trouble spots.

For example, I know I can get caught up writing like I speak and as we all know how we speak is not always grammatically correct. I have more than once gone back to something I have written and been flabbergasted at what I typed. A classic mistake I make are typing run on sentences, and now and then I mess up the structure of a sentence. The middle of the sentence has what should have been at the beginning, and only the end is right. I have gotten better at catching myself at this especially when I take a few days off working on a written piece.

I also had another person read my time travel story, offer feedback, and edit it. I did not just rely on myself. I do not think it is wise to trust I can get any piece I write in “perfect” shape. I know what traps I fall in and which ones I can catch and which ones I am blind to. It is imperative therefore to involve others in helping me with my writing.

When it comes to getting a book ready for publishing this process is done again and again and again and again. Moreover, ideally an author has several people who read his or her book and who provide constructive criticism and suggestions, and so on. All of this can be very helpful. It can take months or even years to get to the point of publishing.

I would like to take than four or five years to publish my next book. I did not constantly work on my first book. I stepped away from it for a year. Another time I needed to wait for someone to read it and offer his or her feedback. I did not get as much feedback as I would have liked, but I took what I got and made changes. I even found a writing group website that allows the author to post what he or she has written thus far and fellow site users read it and give typed critiques and constructive criticism. Then eventually I stopped using them and I worked alone until I could not stand my book. It was not a great process, and I would like to avoid repeating it. If it had not been for a promise, I made, my first book may well have remained unpublished. Instead, I got my tail in gear and got it one.

One of the ways I want this second experience with this new book to be different and better is to get people involved in helping me with my time travel story much earlier. I have two volunteers who have agreed to read my expanded time travels story in its second version. I know it will not stop here. I fully expect numerous versions of my story before it is finally ready for a paid editor. Translation more volunteers are reading the story. How many exactly I do not know. However, I want to at least triple the number of people I have currently helping me before I take it to a paid editor.

I am ready and willing to get going on this process! There shall be times when myself and others gnash our teeth, but I know, and they will too that all this work is worth it. Not to mean I get to write a meatier dedication letting potential readers know this book would not have been possible without these volunteers.