Sons and Soldiers: A Story About the Ritchie Boys of WWII

Sons and Soldiers by Bruce Henderson
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Henderson’s book tells the true story of  the Ritchie boys each of them  Jewish sons forced out of Nazi occupied Europe. Most came by ship to America to make a new home and many times without family to join them.   Years later when it became clear the United States would go to war against Germany many of these immigrant sons enlisted to hit back at the Nazis who drove them from their native lands.

I first became aware of the Ritchie boys through a short documentary.   I did not find a book about them until I was heading home from West Palm Beach.   Sons and Soldiers expands my limited knowledge greatly and fills in all sorts of blanks.  

It is a compelling book that also provides an important history lesson as well. The Ritchie boys contributed greatly to American war effort by being
 interpreters and interrogators with the added bonus of having better familiarity with captured soldiers than a native born American who may only know the language but may not know the culture and country he is from like a native would.

If you enjoy history and life long learning this is one book to add to your reading list.

Sons and Soldiers: A Story About the Ritchie Boys of WWII
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