Sly: Night time Shenanigans

Black & white cat image courtesy of George Hodan &


The air feels cool as it blows gently against me during an evening walk.  Within moments  I arrive at a park I have been to many times before.  I head for the Barnes path, my favorite spot and where I have taken meditative walks.

All is quiet except for the leaves and tree branches rustling from the breeze.  Suddenly I hear footsteps behind me.  Quickly I turn expecting to see someone but no one is there. I let out a sign of relief and resume my walk.  All is fine for a while when suddenly I feel a hand gripping my shoulder, I scream waking myself from my nightmare.

Sitting up in bed I shake in fear until relief comes over me. When it does I spot something black and white on the periphery of my vision.  I look up and there is Sly, my family’s thick bodied black and white cat, bobbing up and down on my legs as he comes closer to me.

When he is within reach, I pet Sly on the head then rub underneath his chin.  Soon he is his purring taking my irritation at him away.   After a few minutes of this I stop giving him affection, grab the bed covers, pull them off me and climb out of bed so I can take Sly down stairs.

My satisfaction at having solved my  disrupted sleep does not last. Just as I am on the edge of sleep, my eyes pop open at the sounds of alternating scratching and picking at my door. I pray Sly will fail in his effort to open my door, that for once the lock holds…please hold, please hold. Darn it I say to myself as I watch Sly with a little swagger in his step, makes his way into my room again.

This time I decide to feed him some dry food in the hopes a late night meal will change his mind about  coming up stairs again.  I do not wait long to see if he eats all his food and head back up to my room.

Shortly after finishing his food Sly returns to the top of the stairs. He leans over cleaning his stomach, waiting to hear the slow sleeping breathing sounds of his adopted parents’ daughter.  It soon arrives and Sly prepares to open her door again.

To make sure he does not get kicked out again, he takes longer to open the door, alternating between picking  the space between the door and the jam with his claws and pulling the door toward him.   It takes longer but he gets the door to open and quieter too.

Satisfied he has succeeded in not waking the daughter, Sly enters her room then suddenly speeds up and races under her day bed across the room, where he spots a shoe lace, he pulled with his teeth till it broke off  from one her sneakers, poking out from underneath the bed’s cover.

Sly pounces on it before getting up and snagging it with the claws of one paw so he can move the shoe lace like a snake.  He bats it across the floor toward the open door then turns around and chases the shoe lace back into his mistress’s room.

Just as quickly as he began his play, Sly stops going after the shoe lace, sits patiently and stares at the shoe lace,willing it to move on its own.  When it doesn’t he firmly grips it in his claws and pulls it to his mouth.  For a few moments he chews on it in delight before abandoning it on the floor.  Afterwards, Sly comes out from under the day bed, jumps on top of it, flops down on his side and falls asleep.



Sly: Night time shenanigans