The Secret Society of Second Born Royals Movie

The Secret Society of Second-Born Royals
The Secret Society of Second-Born Royals
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The Secret Society of Second-Born Royals tries to mix royalty with super heroes and fails at it.

Sam (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) does not take to the princess life in the fictional country of Illyria. She prefers rock and roll and sneaking out of the castle to do what she wants over being a princess like her older sister Eleanor (Ashley Lao). Her partner in all of this is her best friend, the palace gardener’s son.

When Sam’s antics reach new heights her mother makes her attend summer school where she meets other royals who do not fit the mold like her.

Only to shortly find the school is a secret society that trains second born royals to protect the world. Oh and the society got created by Sam’s Mom who it turns out has superpowers too.

The threat in the movie is very close to home. A decade ago Sam’s Uncle Edmond killed her father so he could attempt to take the throne. The Queen took him down and put him in a “secure” prison. She then told Sam and Eleanor that their father and uncle died in a plane crash.

The movie follows the group of royal super heroes learning their powers until Edmond makes his threat known. He gets help from January who wants to murder her brother and she uses her power to swipe the other heroes powers. The only way to stop them is for Sam and the other heroes to band together as a team.

I did not care about Sam and her fellow royals heroes nor did I feel Edmond and January as much of a threat. How the script is written fails the superhero concept on many levels.

The Secret Life of Second-Born Royals Movie
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