S.E.O. Secret Agent Selection:WWII

S.E.O. Secret Agent Selection: WWII - Photo Image from imdb.com

S.E.O. Secret Agent Selection: WWII – Photo Image from imdb.com


S.E.O. Secret Agent Selection:WWII focuses on both the tell the real life story of S.E.O in World War II and re-enacting the training with contemporary people.

The people in charge include historian experts seeping in S.E.O. knowledge and former and current military personal. The civilians who take part in this exercise do so on a volunteer basis.  And a few of them have family who took part in the resistance or served in the military. Very few participants did not have a connection with either.

Also, it felt to me all the participants including the ones running the program not only re-enact the training but also learn from each other just how capable they can be.  In some cases who the people in charge thought were certain to make it didn’t and other volunteers who didn’t seem likely candidates excelled.

For a few weeks now I have not been that interested in watching television and this five part series from the start gained my interest and kept it.  In between the training, there is narration that goes into the real life history of the S.E.0., the people who started it, those who trained, how long it took place, the technical aspects, the weeding out of the most likely to succeed and much more.

I especially liked that those who took part as volunteers at any time could remove themselves from the process.  It was not just left in the hands of the those in charge who could decide who would move on and who would not.

Finally, this series does the right mix of teaching, documentary, and reality based entertainment in one.

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