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The Rook on Starsz
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The Rook on Starz
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The Rook is a new series on Starz that combines meta humans with the spy world.

Emma Greenwell’s Myfanwy Thomas works in a branch of MI6 called Checque.

One drenching and rainy night she wakes up with no memory by a bridge to find several dead bodies surrounding her.

Panicking Myfanwy runs as far as she can from the murder scene. Soon after catching her breath she checks her coat pockets and finds a note to herself.

The note leads her to a motel and other notes as well as two keys – one red and one blue. The next day she goes to a bank and a vault area where she meets a female employee.

Myfanwy tells her the purposes for her visit then using the blue key opens a box containing a thick envelope.

As soon as she finishes the employees grabs Myfawny while a man tries to inject her with a knockout drug so they can make money from her powers.

Myfanwy panics and using her powers she badly injures the woman and kills the man.

The rest of the premise of the series is twofold. One the meta humans or EVS as the series calls them are essential to nation security and the spy world.

Also EVS feed a secret world where humans and other EVS, kidnap and sell the ones with significant abilities for tens of millions of dollars.

Yet as interesting as this is, the actors provide vague explanations about this fictional world.

And, they hold back emotions so much so that when two sets of relationships are revealed, I feel nothing.

This is a shame and unless the show starts to change this course I doubt I will make it through season one.

The Rook on Starz and the Starz App
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