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Titanic Deception from

Titanic Deception from



After I had watched the online book trailer for Titanic Deception by John and Toni Rakestraw, I knew I wanted to read it.  It is about Michael Kearney who works as a food server for Chandler and Sons in the financial district of New York City. He is inconspicuous and reliable. His life is simple. It is him and his cat and the occasional meeting with friends. One day Michael hears the executives at Chandler and Sons complain about the Occupy Movement – a thorn in their sides. Then one of them says, from page 20, “The lower classes are becoming too uppity for their own good. We need another Titanic to put them in their place.”

Michael’s great-grandmother was a survivor from the ill-fated ship, and he has her journal given to him by his mother. When he begins to read and research what it says, his simple life is turned upside down. It is up to him; a man code-named Soft Kitty and Michael’s girlfriend Sofia who he meets from the Occupy Movement to unravel what really happened to the Titanic.

The authors easily shifted from the past to the present and back again throughout the book. Also, the first day I read it I was unaware of just how far I was reading until I finally took a break and saw I had read 108 pages in a little over an hour. I had not expected that to happen and when it had I felt good! I liked how Michael went from ordinary “Joe” to someone on a mission to right a long ago wrong. I also admired his great-grandmother Alice the more I learned about her and thought Michael’s girlfriend Sylvia was a bit like her.

This book not only taught me a few things from history but also melded well with a good conspiracy story. I do not usually read book likes this but if John and Toni Rakestraw were to go ahead with the story they hinted at the end of this book, I would definitely read it!