My Review of Shiny Young Adult

Shiny Young Adult book cover

Cover of Shiny Young Adult by Simon Cantan

Shiny Young Adult is the prequel story to the book Shiny New Swindle.

Shiny Young Adult offers a peek into events leading  to main character, Chris joining elite hackers: Max, Heidi and Erika in the heist featured in Shiny New Swindle. (Last year I read and reviewed the book. Please click here to read it. ) 

At the start of the story Chris is celebrating his nineteenth birthday by robbing a company’s funds from his bedroom.  However his happiness is short lived when he sees claims notices near his mother’s place at the dining room table.

Immediately Chris decides to use his wealth to help out. To his shock his offer is unwelcome. Worse his mother accuses him of stealing money instead of having saved it, and orders him out of the house.

His sadness is quickly replaced by the drive to find an apartment to live in.  Unfortunately this eats up his funds, forcing him into a hastily planned heist, and within hours he has written a program and stolen fresh funds.

However, the heist was sloppily executed.  And making matters worse a video of the crime is on hacker message boards turning Chris into a laughing-stock.   To redeem himself, he decides to create a hacking program to make him a hacking legend. (It is this path to “redemption” that links Shiny Young Adult to Shiny New Swindle.)

I enjoyed Shiny Young Adult’s story very much and I would recommend it to anyone who has  not already read Shiny New Swindle.  It would be a smooth transition to read the prequel and then pick up Shiny New Swindle to read soon after.