Review of The Seance Society

The Seance Society by Michael Nethercott

The Seance Society is set in 1956, Lee Pickett is a reluctant private investigator, following in his late father’s footsteps.   Aiding him in his investigations is a scholarly Mr. O’Nelligan, who has a keen ability to solve mysteries.  Their latest case is brought to them by George Agnelli, a policeman nearing retirement.

He feels the death of Trexler Lloyd, an eccentric inventor and spiritualist, by electrocution is not as it seems.  However, Angelli is the one who believes this so he fires Pickett and O’Nelligan to investigate.   Together they enter the world of spiritualism and its firm believers.

The novel has wit and humor and never turns dark instead these two threads carry throughout the novel.   While the mystery revolves around the paranormal it does not vere away from reality.  I liked the peaks into 1950s life, the trends, and shops of the time.

The characters feel natural and realistic. My only complaint is that Pickett didn’t decide near the end of the book to finally tell his long-term fiancée he is ready to wed. Otherwise I enjoyed Seance Society and I’d like to read the two other books O’Nelligan and Pluckett series.



Review of The Seance Society