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Origin – Dragons and Magic Book #1
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Authors Simon Cantan and Dave Higgins short story Origins, introduces readers to a new series called Dragons and Magic.

In the story’s fantasy world people have attributes (think a role-playing computer game with points to add to a basic character to improve it) including strength, wisdom, constitution, dexterity etc. Parents can improve these basic traits by raising them with points so their child or children become “above” average.

This is not so for the book’s hero Edmond. His parents put all his  points into luck to win riches at “scratchums” (scratch cards). While Edmond may lack a lot, one thing he has in spades is common sense.  Unlike his parents, he can see the get rich schemes they pull cause grief and heartache.

If Edmond could change his life he would be educated and become a warrior. He just does not know how to turn this dream into reality. All too often Edmond’s parents put their needs before their son.  And if he obtains anything of value, the item gets confiscated and sold to  buy more“scratchums” over essentials like food.

After meeting a kind teacher,Edmond believes for the first time  in himself.  I could not help believing in the boy too.  While it may seem Origins maybe bleak it is really a delightful and funny story right for most ages.

Review of Origins