Review of Getting off on Frank Sinatra

Getting Off on Frank Sinatra by Megan Edwards



“Getting off on Frank Sinatra”, the title to a new mystery series, caught my eye the moment I saw the title on-line.

Copper Black, is the arts and entertainment editor, for the newspaper The Las Vegas Light.  Her latest assignment is to interview Marilyn Weaver the founder of the élite Anna Roberts Park Academy.
The two women met the night before at a fund-raiser for the Neon Museum and a bit later they boarded a bus together to visit the Boneyard, a site where old neon signs live.   Their connection sparked at the museum grows and before the night is out, Marilyn’s husband Curtis, asks Copper to house sit at a client’s home for a month.  Copper accepts the offer because it would finally get her out of living with her brother and sister-in law for a while.
The evening should have ended on a high note, but just a few hours later Copper stumbles upon Marilyn Weaver murdered in her home.
A very intriguing premise for this cozy and light mystery that I enjoyed reading. The only complication I experienced reading this book is keeping the men in Copper’s life straight. Although their names are different, David and Daniel, I still managed to mix up which was which.
And the only downside, I wish Frank Sinatra, the persona, had more of role in the book than being a place to get off the Nevada highway.
Review of Getting off on Frank Sinatra