Review of Another One Goes Tonight

Another One Goes Tonight
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Another One Goes Tonight is the 16th book in the Peter Diamond series by Peter Lovesey.   Two police officers near the end of their shift receive one last call from dispatch; to look into a report of a naked man.   On their way to the scene their squad car crashes into an eccentric elderly man riding a EAPC.

Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond is tasked by his supervisor to learn who is at fault. Arriving at the scene Diamond and two of his most skilled colleagues, seem to be investigating “a regular” case. Then it turns on its head when  Diamond views the crash scene from another angle, he finds to his horror an unconscious pensioner. As quickly as he can Diamond reaches the new victim and tries to resuscitate him.

The detective superintendent succeeds and feels good about saving the pensioner’s life.  The feeling ends as he digs further into what the pensioner  was doing out so late at night that the detective begins to fear he might have saved the life of a serial killer.  As he delves deeper and deeper into the life of the pensioner Diamond stumbles into something larger and deadlier than he could have imagined.

Lovesey masterfully pulled me in and I, like Diamond, found it hard to reconcile an increasingly likable pensioner with being a cold and deadly killer and then Lovesey ends his latest whodunit with a brilliant conclusion I did not see coming.




Review of Another One Goes Tonight