Reflecting on Halloween

A girl in a fairy costume Image courtesy of Bartosz Kossakowski and

A girl in a fairy costume
Image courtesy of Bartosz Kossakowski and

As a kid, when October approached my thoughts would drift away from course work at school to what will I dress up as for Halloween.  I took inspiration from the cartoons I watched, my toys, and family vacations.

Not long after visiting Williamsburg, I begged my Mom to make me colonial dress for Halloween and another year she magically created Strawberry Shortcake’s wardrobe. When I was in fourth or fifth grade, I  made my costume. I dyed a pair of sweats I knotted in rubber bands to create flames in red, orange, and yellow.  I then used colored hairspray and face paints to make my head match the sweats.

Eventually though I stopped liking Halloween and the urge to dress up faded.  The last time I wore a costume and liked it was 1998. I know a bit “old” for Halloween but I did it for a party.

Fast forward to last weekend I am food shopping.  I see shoppers looking at candy and think no then yes.  Before I could flip my decision again I picked a purple bucket with a black triangles for eyes and nose and underneath it a jagged open mouth. Next I looked at the candy. And considered what I would be willing to eat if few kids came and I had candy left.  I chose Star Wars theme packaged jelly beans since I already had chocolate and caramel candy at home. (I gave the chocolate to the kids not the second. They are mine.)

When Monday rolled around I got the bucket of candy I hid out and  turned on my front porch light.  Soon after my cat Celia, went under my office desk.  For the first time in years, I could say I like Halloween.  I saw superheros, princesses, fairies, a bubble bee, and witches.   Some of these kids came back for more candy which I did not mind.  The less I have to eat afterwards the better. That and I do not want to offend the caramel candy I like so much.  Okay how would it know it is just a lump of sugar.


Reflections on Halloween