Radio Waves

"Sound Wave Background Means Audio Frequency Or Analyzer" Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

“Sound Wave Background Means Audio Frequency Or Analyzer”
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at


An electromagnetic waves oscillate in front of scientist and technician Othi Xouphon’ eyes. A repeated pattern of high and low pressure that emits a hissing and static sounds.  Only instead of creating  images that Othi Xouqfon and his Kind can understand these sound waves remain as they are.

However, this does not mean Othi Xouqfon  is unaware of what  sound waves are.   He does know.  Another name for them are radio waves. There range of frequency is from a low of 3kHz to a high of 300 GHz. His ears pick up this sound as pressure waves. This specific sound comes around every 665 days.

Ironically it is the amount of time it takes for the planet he lives in to orbit around its Pulsar Star.  Normally such a star, really an energy force coming out of a black hole, would not give life to a planet.  Instead a planet would be dead and slowly be pulled from its orbit into the black hole.

Fortunately the planet is safe from danger being 200 light years away.  However its ozone layer feeds off of the energy of the Pulsar Star.  It is a centuries old problem experts in astrobiology are still unraveling to this day.

And other scientists like Othi Xouqfon have struggled to interrupt just what this alien pressure means.  Originally it was the work of premiere technological experts but they gave up a quarter millennia ago  because they could not invent anything to translate the sound emissions into images.

Billions of years ago his Kind spoke but they abandoned it in favor of creating universal language.  The only way they felt this could be possible to use imagery. They created these images from the electromagnetic fields in the Still Liquid (The atmosphere of the planet.). They were then tuned to each individual’s temporal and occipital lobes to form the means of communication used by all species on the planet. It was then understandable why society gave up on the sound waves.  If the sound could not be translated to images, they must be abandoned. However the need for an explanation for the sound recurring keeps those like him  and his sister Baitair Dang persisting at their quest. While he depends on computers to aid him, his sister digs into ancient word documents in the hopes that perhaps part of the answer is in them.

The tricky part and why Othi Xouqphon depends on his Quantum computer, is to tease out these binary fragments of deteriorated sound.   It has been a long and tedious process repeated over and over now for 2660 days and counting Until his computer finishes its work, he can’t get to work piecing the fragments together to create a new file which he can then e-mail to his sister for analysis.

To be continued next week with Language (Sounds Part 2)