Practical: Disney Gallery Mandalorian Doc Ep 5

Practical: Disney Gallery
Mandalorian Doc Ep 5
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Practical like Legacy episode two of Disney Gallery turns to the past to build the world of the Mandalorian and to honor early Star Wars. And like episode two it is a combination of old and new. What gets combined is robotics, prosthetic make up, four puppeteers and sometimes a person working together to make a character come to life.

For instance Misty Rosas wears prosthetic mask to portray Kuill. Inside the mask are wires that allows a puppeteer to move Kuill’s face, and a recording of Nick Nolti saying his lines plays.

I think it is amazing a performer like herself can still act with so much that could distract her Instead I am just guessing, she focuses on what she needs to do and lets the rest take care of itself.

Similarly the Child comes about the same way except minus a person in a suit. Instead four different puppeteer run the controls on the puppet made by Legacy Effects. They took at least three months to design, build, and perfect the mechanisms for it.

Jason Matthew moves the Child’s eyes. Trevor Hensley handles the gross body moves and head. A second puppeteer Hiroshi “Kan” Ikeuchi runs the ears and mouth. A third puppeteer Mike Manzel does gross body moves too. And a four puppeteer Tamara Carlson Woodward rotates in as needed and made the Child’s costume.

And this is just to run the child electronically. Other times a puppeteer moves the Child pulling strings and cords or may put a hand inside the Child’s body.

Yes, the Mandolorian makes use of advances in technology but it does not shy from old school either.

Practical is fun, entertaining, and I learned a lot.

Practical: Disney Gallery Star Wars The Mandalorian Documentary Ep 5
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