I am Physically Tired but Making It: Yippee!


3d Workers Loading Boxes To Van Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Physically tired that is me this right now. Last week my employee and I ramped up our efforts to ready Cliptomania for moving day which was Monday May 22nd.   We downsized inventory to fit on fewer shelves; figured out what furniture we are taking; and boxed up inventory, office supplies etc.  The furniture we took had “taking signs” taped to them. I also made trips to the recycling center with trash, broken down cardboard boxes (extras) and excess paper.

I did not think I could get through these last couple weeks. Prior to this time my nerve pain in my back increased a lot and I had to see my massage therapist three times in two months; and I took four days off work.   But I made it through because I saw my doctor May 9th and asked if my medicine could be raised. She agreed to raise it from 50 mg to 75 mg.  It took a little over a week for the new dosage to build up and when it did BOY DID I FEEL BETTER.  Just so everyone does not fret or think I over did it since I began to feel better I promise you all I have been taking breaks to rest. My employee has too. Neither of us has overdone it.

While my employee and I did this work, my parents having been coming over a few times a week to keep going through their things at their house.  They took quite a bit to their apartment but there is still more that is left at the house.  My parents have to decide of what remains gets sold or donated.  A few other things will come to my house if my parents can figure out how to get them here.  My Dad wants me to take his work bench and some tools; a table; and a large curio cabinet.  I think he will decide to hire movers because I have told him he can’t rely on me to help.

I will continue to feel physically tired for a bit longer but it will lessen as what was packed for the move will be unpacked.   Oh and I promise to keep taking it easy and rest during the day and week. No over doing it for me. I really like feeling better and having lower nerve pain in my back.


Physically Tired but Making It: Yippee!