Peace of Mind


World Peace in Sand courtesy of Petr Kratochvil and



A little over two years ago I gave up drinking soda and now drink regular tea or fruit flavored green tea, or use fruit flavored water enhancers when I drink water.   Then I decided to give up eating meats with added preservatives and hormones, stop eating foods with high fructose corn syrup, and eat organic vegetables and fruits.   This has not been tough since Kroger has been adding organic fruits and vegetables and meats with no added preservatives and hormones to their store.

I used to not care about such things and then the closer I get to forty I decide I want to change something in this case I chose my eating habits.   Even my candy  has ingredients now that I recognize and can pronounce easily.   I do not know if any of these changes make me healthier but it does give me peace of mind and I like that.  I don’t think any of these changes make me healthy but they do give me peace of mind and I like that.

Now if I could just be the same way about other things like letting articles about new super bugs being antibiotic resistant, or  yet another e-mail hack,  or something from the political world set me on edge.

My cat does not know about any of this, to her none of it exists.  I think besides having peace of mind about how I eat, I should take a page out of my cat’s book, if she does not sweat it I won’t either.  And if I start reading headlines again that start to unsettle me, I will remind myself it isn’t worth the stress and shrug it off.

Peace of Mind