Patience – Tough to Have

Image courtesy of stockimages at Like this man I can be impatient.

Image courtesy of stockimages at
Like this man patience does not come easily for me.



Patience is not always a virtue of mine. I lean toward following a series of steps like ABC that will produce results XYZ in a set period of time but in reality following a series of steps doesn’t guarantee you get what you want. It also can lead to, in least for me, the buildup of stress and pressure which in the past has led to various mistakes. Therefore I chose to accept prior to my second book, Between Two Worlds, being published that I would in think in advance what I would do once it came out.

One of the key things I chose to do was hire Enchanted Book Promotions. I let them find the first four reviewers of my book, and to coordinate when each one would appear. I doubt I could have coordinated that! Yes, I have submitted my book to reviewers on my own but I allowed Enchanted Book promotions to get the ball rolling for me. (On the day BTW was published I started submitting my book to reviewers on my own.) I also allowed them to release my book trailer and excerpts from it to more sites than I could have had I done by myself. And a third thing I did differently from my first book was not to repeat doing my own ads like I did for example on Twitter which led only to a re-share extravaganza. It cost me significantly less to allow Enchanted Book Promotions to do these ads for me. The choices I have made thus far are making my days and nights feel pressure and stress free about my second book. And it is best of all making it much easier to be patient – and this is golden.