Part 2 Et in Arcadia Ego: Star Trek Picard

Part 2 Et in Arcadia Ego: Star Trek Picard

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Part 2 Et in Arcadia Ego: Star Trek Picard
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I must tell you my feelings have gone back and forth from Picard is really good to this is very bad.

The episodes I think are good include Remembrance, The Impossible Box, Nepenthe and Broken Pieces. The ones I did not like include Absolute Candor, Stardust City Rag, Et in Arcadia Part 1 and this episode – Part 2.

I do applaud the writers for delving deep into the Data/Picard relationship. I do feel rewarded in this regard. However, I do wish they developed characters like Raffi, Rios, Seven, and Elnor who I feel got short changed.

To begin the recap Dr. Altan Inigo Soong and his Synth community indeed bred more giant orchids to defend them except they are no match for Romulan ship blasters. So next they turn to building a communication device that will signal for higher synth beings to save them.

This is just one of many issues I have with this episode. Others include Dr. Altan Inigo Soong who is working to unlock a computer program block so Dr. Jurati can help him fix Saga. As he does so a synth butterfly or a flash of light leads to a video popping up. It reveals to him that  Sutra not Narek killed Saga and his synth children are on the wrong path. Why did Soong not check compound surveillance in the last episode?

Another issue is Dr. Jurati breaking out Picard from his room and later the compound with no one seeing them. However, before they can reunite with Rios and Raffi; the two leave with Narek.

After Sutra set him free Narek made his way to the Borg cub only to get caught by his sister Narissa.

I did not expect Narissa to have survived part 1 after the swarm of former Borg cornered her. Yet there she is alive and well until till later in the episode when Seven dispatches her.

Back to Narek, he convinces Rios, Raffi, Seven, and Elnor that they must team up to stop the synth. Their mission he convinces them to set bombs around the communication device to destroy it. To accomplish this they will pretend to capture Narek and turn him over to the synth and Soon in the compound. No fighting to the death to kill the synths after all.

The only one to stay consistent through the first season of Picard is Commander Oh. At this point I have mixed feelings about tuning in for season two. Yes, I have great memories of Star Trek the Next Generation but this show as I stated at the beginning really gives me mixed feelings.

Part 2: Et in Arcadia Ego: Star Trek Picard
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