Outfoxed: Andy Carpenter Mystery

Outfoxed Book Cover


Andy Carpenter, David Rosenfelt, wise cracking and case adverse lawyer, is back again in Outfoxed. (The fourteenth book in the series.)  Andy’s loves are wife Laurie, a former cop still connected to her old colleagues, adopted son Ricky, and dogs especially Tara.

When he is able to elude his law practice, Andy is usually found helping Willie run their dog rescue foundation.  At the start of Outfoxed, the foundation has branched out with Prison Pals.  Where they bring together dogs and prison inmates, who socialize and train the dogs.  One of the shining stars of the program is Brian Atkins and Boomer, a fox terrier.

Brian went to prison for embezzlement from a computer company he helped found.  Now four months away from a bail hearing, it seems all but assured he will get it.  That is until Brian with Boomers help escapes prison.  Shortly afterwards a former neighbor spots Brian running from his home.  Curious the neighbor goes into the house and finds Brian’s wife and business partner stabbed to death.

Almost immediately word gets to Andy and he has to act like a lawyer.  Of course he gets his unusual help from his friends (Pete, the cop, Vinne, the curmudgeon newspaper man, pessimist Hick, computer wizard/accountant Sam, and work adverse Edna. And of course wife Laurie helps too.)

Once again Rosenfelt, writes an absorbing mystery and uses Andy’s narrative voice to lighten the seriousness of murder, the violence, and grit that other authors often go heavy on.    I look forward to reading the next book The Twelve Dogs of Christmas as well as the one after that and the one after…. Well you get the idea.


Review of Outfoxed by David Rosenfelt