Online Book Tour: The Interviews




As many of you may already know, I am doing a book tour online with Enchanted Book Promotions. As part of the tour I had to answer several interview questions from various bloggers. These interviews began to be posted online on June 25th. Here is the link to my spotlight page on for anyone who is not a follower of mine on either Google Plus or Twitter. Most of the interview questions were not surprising like: What was your inspiration for your book? When did you know you wanted to be a writer? And one last one I will share, which writers influence you?

I decided to not over think this and named two authors: Peter Robinson and Johnathon Kellerman whom I think paint effective pictures of their books settings, their character’s lives, feelings, and who connect the events in their books together well. Of course there are more authors than these two authors who are really good at all this. I can think of at least four more off the top of my head right now that do the same.

I am aware that the writers I named are mystery book writers and don’t fit the genre of time travel and science fiction that Between Two Worlds fits. I admit that I more often than not watch science fiction on TV or as movies than picking up and reading a science fiction book. In fact, the last three Tuesday evenings, at 9pm Eastern, I have watched repeated episodes of CW’s IZombie. The last science fiction book I read was back in March and was Shiny New Swindle by Simon Cantan, an excellent and very entertaining book. I try to not just be entertained or to lose myself in another writer’s world, I also want to attempt to take something away from the story they told. So while I may have been asked to name one or two authors who influence me, in reality those who influence me as a writer is really vast.