Off to West Palm Beach Florida with my Cat

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West Palm Beach Florida
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The last time I went off on vacation out of state was to Springfield, Illinois in 2013.   I almost chose not to go because my Mom was in the hospital fighting Guillain Barre Syndrome.   However, my Dad insisted my staying would not make my Mom’s recovery go any faster and to go on my vacation.  I stopped arguing and went.

Fast forward eight years later and I am about to head off to West Palm Beach, Florida.  This whole thing came about when seven members of my family came to my house a week  or so after my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary back on June 15th.   It did not take long for them to invite me to visit New Jersey, Texas, or as they urged head to Florida to finally meet a friend of mine in person.

In the past I would go off on vacation and my late cat Celia would stay with my parents.  However, my parents now live in an apartment and my Dad no longer wants a pet.

I had to come up with a way to please my current cat Dory and myself.  I went on-line and checked out cabin rentals.   It seemed like a good idea until I got in touch with the people who arrange the cabin rentals.   I found out only dogs can come; too many people are allergic to cats.

Unfortunately for me I am hardly allergic to cats but really allergic to dogs.  Now what I thought to myself? Where could I go and bring Dory with me?  Maybe I should wait until next year to see my Aunt and Uncle either in New Jersey or when they are in Florida?  Perhaps I will know someone by then who would watch my cat.  Or I could go see my brother and his family in Texas? They would let me bring Dory along.  Or a third option, finally visit my e-mail pen pal.  He and I have known each other since 2004.   We have shared countless messages and a number of photos of our cats.

 I found a guest house through AirBnB and a kind person willing to allow me to and my cat to visit.  And then I got hit with a recurring illness. It first got me last summer and became an infection.  I got medical treatment from a doctor.  I was stuffy to the gills and my chest heavily congested.  The same or similar bug got me around Christmas and then this year in June. Both times I did not go to a doctor but instead used OTC medicine. Then it came back in July and thankfully a doctor’s appointment was coming up.

When the day came, I spoke to her about the previous illnesses and my worry that a similar one got me so quickly.  She did an exam and then said to me I would go have a pulmonary test the following day. I struggled with it but the test results did show my albuteral inhaler still helps me breath.  So my doctor made a change to my dose and said to see what happens. I have a second inhaler medication she nor I have worries about, it’s still effective.

Prior to this time and after I tried other allergy medications and my allergies improved but not my breathing.  I called my doctor’s office and left a message for her nurse, then I did it again the next day.  Finally she and I spoke and a few days later my doctor put me on Singular.  After two days I began to feel better but not enough for me to travel on  August 5th, my original date of departure.   I found a new flight and will hold onto a credit for the canceled flight to use on a trip next year to California.

A new AirBnB room has been found and I will stay with a person who has a cat of her own as well.  I think Dory will get along with another cat because she sniffed Celia when I brought her home but was disappointed when Celia couldn’t be found. Just in case I have a plan set with the owner where Dory can have a room to herself until I return from outings in West Palm Beach.  I will keep them short a couple hours, come back be with her, then go out again.   I don’t want Dory to think I will neglect her nor do I want to guilt myself either.   

Off to West Palm Beach Florida
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