New PBS Series Unforgotten

New PBS series Unforgotten

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PBS began airing Unforgotten in April. It centers on DCI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) and her partner DI Sunil (Sunny) Khan. A group of workers breaking up the floor of a rundown building find bones under the footings. Their work stops and the police are called.  Soon after Stuart and her partner Khan arrive to begin their investigation.

They learn the victim was Jimmy Sullivan, a homeless teen who lived in the building in its past life as a hostile. Stuart and Kahn then go searching for his only living relative his mother and also for a car he used to own. Finding the remains of the car in a junk yard bear fruit when Sullivan’s diary is found in a bag.

The police lab are able to recover parts of the diary that reveal names and phone numbers connected to three people. All of them have a connection with Sullivan. They include clergy man Robert Greaves, an eminent entrepreneur Sir Phillip Cross, a community worker Lizzie Wilton, and Eric Slater, a wheelchair bound man caring for his wife. As Stuart and Khan uncover how Sullivan knew these three people their worlds begin to unravel.

I really like the series not just for the central premise but also for the stories behind each of the suspects. Sir Phillip Cross wants people not to know he worked as an enforcer, Wilton that she has a racist past, Greaves who has a love child with another woman, and Slater who has hides violent tenancies.

The only drawback is Stuart or Khan don’t receive the same treatment as the other characters. We do learn that Khan is a single parent to two girls and Stuart lives with her father after her divorce.  Other than this nothing more comes to light about them.

Season two of Unforgotten started April 29th and begins with two men dredging the River Lea bring up a suitcase. However instead of finding treasure the suite reveals a gruesome discovery a curled up skeleton. As as with season one of Unforgotten there are three new suspects who knew the victim David Walker. They include a lawyer who is about to adopt a child with his partner, a teacher with a past as a prostitute, and the victim’s family.

I hope as season two progresses the writers share more about Stuart and Khan.  And not just more of what made season one so good.


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