The Netanyahu Years by Israeli reporter Ben Caspit



The Netanyahu Years by Ben Caspit

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In the Netanyahu Years, journalist and author Ben Caspit  reveals his subject as a person and politician. He shares details about Netanyau’s early life, living and studying in Israel and America, the family bonds, and what drives him in his endeavors. Up to and through these aspects Caspit gets to the heart of and goes straight to the point.

Further into the book, the author changes course and focuses on the Prime Minister’s last two terms in office. As well as the love/hate relationship he has with American politics and his alliances with the billionaires who fund his campaigns.

Up to this point the biography’s flow is very good.  This changes when Caspit reveals the troubling eight year relationship between the Prime Minister and the Obama administration.  As well as the rocky times in each of his administrations between him and certain people he works with. Then in the later half of the second and the entire third act of the book, the author gets stuck. He goes over former ground & points from earlier chapters without adding new insights and information.

I understand and any reader can too that Netanyahu is intelligent and a political chameleon outwardly but inwardly has changed little.  Also, he is hawkish and conservative too.  In these areas and a few others the author succeeds in presenting Netanyahu’s as a person and what makes him a successful politician.  Yet all this diminishes when the author lets his anger and frustration toward the Prime Minister take over the biography’s narrative.


The Netanyahu Years by Israeli newspaper reporter Ben Caspit

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