Nepenthe: Star Trek Picard Episode 7

Nepethe: Star Trek Picard Episode 7

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Nepenthe: Star Trek Picard Episode 7

Picard and Soji successfully go through the transport portal to Nepenthe. It is the home of Will Riker, Deanna Troi and their daughter Kestra.

Meanwhile back on the Borg cube, Elnor tries to protect Hugh from Narissa and her men.

Soon it becomes a fight between him and Narissa. However, she is still able to kill Hugh and Elnor is forced to hide in the cube.

And out in space, Rios, Jurati and Raffi are trying to dodge Narek in his ship and are unsuccessful.

We soon find out why shortly after Picard’s meeting with Jurati, Commander Oh finds her on a lunch break. She performs a Vulcan mind meld on her. and does a Vulcan mind meld. What Jurati sees terrifies her and convinces her to turn on Picard and the others.

However, the building guilt eats at Jurati. The last straw for her comes after Rios confides in her he thinks Raffi is in cahoots with the Romulans. The truth is Jurati ate a tracking device Oh gave her after the mind meld.

As soon as Rios leaves she has the replicator make a device to give her a lethal dose of a drug. It is the only way she feels to protect Rios and Raffi and shut down the tracking device inside her.

Back on Nepenthe, Soji is angry and upset. There is the issue of Narek trying to kill her, but also finding out her life consists of false memories. She does not want to trust Picard but she cannot leave him either.

So Soji chooses to keep her distance. Picard initially tries to persuade her differently but Will and Deanna convince him to stop and give her space.

Will spends time talking with Picard and Deanna attempts to connect with Soji. Between the two of them Picard and Soji have their opinions shifted. It is not a lot but it is enough. By the end of the episode Picard agrees to try having more patient with Soji will give Picard a chance.

I am so glad episode six is good just like five. I like the visit with Will, Deanna and their daughter. Also learning a bit about their lives post Star Fleet, though Will is technically on reserve.

The first season of Picard I feel is a mix of good and bad elements. My overall opinion of the show I won’t know till after episode ten airs.

Nepenthe: Star Trek Picard Episode Seven
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