My Mother

Loving Mother And Daughter
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Since 2014, my mother has had more illnesses in a given year.   And just last week she recovered from yet another illness but this time it gave my father pause. The illness was not serious but it came on the heals of two others that happened in a short span.  As a result he decided they will find a retirement community to live in with on site medical facilities close by.

My mother is not keen on moving but she understands why it has to happen. If her health was different, she and my father would stay in their current home for the rest of their lives.  She also feels the family insurance business and Internet retail business have it made, rent free by inhabiting the entire lower half of the house.

Yes, its great but alas like my parents, the businesses can’t stay. I just hope the process: finding the right retirement community, preparing to put the house up for sale, and finding a new home for the businesses gets done in a reasonable time not too fast and not too slow; just right.   On more personal note, I do think my parents are making the right call to change their life style. It is better to do this now than to wait five or ten years when my mother’s health is in the mist of a slide, it struggles to recover from.  Or worse my father’s health begins to slide!

At the same time it is hard to look at my parents and see them as growing older.  I see few signs of aging in either of them.  My father grayed early and my mother’s hair has hardly changed. I see a few wrinkles have begun to appear but both can still easily pass for being a decade younger than they are.   However, nature is speaking loud and clear and like my parents I have to listen to nature too.




My Mother