My Coca Cola aka Soda Addiction

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For as long as I can remember I have always liked the bubbles, the caramel flavor, and caffeine kick of coca cola. I can’t recall the first time I had it. I only I continue to be hooked to it. I drink several cans a day and as I have been warned by family that I drink way too much and I should cut back or risk my health.

I have not been lazy all these years. I have tried to consume less soda but I always seem to replace it with another beverage in the same amount. I do make sure I replace minerals and vitamins with more than one serving of cheese, fruit, and vegetables a day to make up for my bad habit. After all vitamins can’t do it all. Plus the body can only absorb so much of anything before the excess is flushed out. Yet I also know the beverage I replace it with whether tea or flavored water it will be in the same amounts as the coca cola. So really I am just replacing one beverage with another that does the same thing the soda does? Leech necessary minerals and vitamins.

Why do I bother? It isn’t like I am the only one with a bad beverage habit. There are billions of other people as addicted to soda as I am or whatever else is considered an essential daily beverage. Well, despite my misgivings I am going to try to cut my coca cola habit to one a day or seven a week. If I succeed and how long I stick to it I won’t bother to forecast I will just give it a go and see what happens.