Must Plan Ahead…Again



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Since I started by blog, I have let my “muse” percolate to come up with a topic I can write about for a new post.  If my “muse” can’t come up with anything I turn to doing a review of a book or movie.

During the last month I have had a bit of trouble coming up with non-review topics. Last week I succeeded but for the following week  I struggled as well as for the week after that.

One time I thought about  reviewing a book I read titled “Wounds.” It was pretty engrossing from the first page to the last.  It’s story is a mix of mystery/police procedural/ and a dash of religion that I rather enjoyed.

I also strongly considered reviewing a miniseries I watched titled “The Mystery of Lord Lucan” It is based on a real life mystery that took place in 1974. The lord in the title was a professional gambler who may or may not have plotted to kill his wife but who accidentally murdered the live in nanny instead. The case has never been solved.

In the end I decided not to write a review on either the book or miniseries. Instead I resolve to plan my posts ahead of time by writing down various topics I can write up into a post. Therefore, I hereby  declare this as my resolution for 2016. This way if my muse gets stuck I already have several ideas I can choose from to write about.   Hopefully this planning will reduce the amount of times I turn to doing a review.  It may take a couple of weeks for me to get going on this resolution but I promise to make it happen as I don’t like getting stuck any more than any other blogger/writer.